Claire and Mary-Sue get real life.
Their work is always relevant and connects with the everyday person.
They are also great to have around. Bringing a smile to the creative
department no matter how much there is to do.

Paul Shearer. Executive Creative Director. HMDG.


Funny, irreverent, perceptive, and challenging.
They’ll work hard, and always give you something fresh, that feels born
out of an acutely observed truth. Great ear for dialogue too, like the result
of an unlikely coupling between Jessica Stephenson and Alan Bennett

Charlie Mawer. Executive Creative Director Red Bee Media


Never cynical but never naive either – Claire & Mary-Sue bring both
experience and freshness to a project. They’re inventive, creative and
resourceful. They get the business and understand the realities of agency
life. They are good under pressure and have the energy and ability to see
projects through to completion. On a personal level, they are great fun
to work with.

Bob Heron. Exec Creative Director Y&R Geneva  


Mary Sue directs with panache and natural enthusiasm. Their ability
to capture the absurdity of real life with a wry smile and cheeky wit is
the hallmark of Mary- Sue and Claire Lambert. It’s an enjoyable but
most of all memorable combination.

Helen Hadfield. MD & Producer of Bare Films.


They’re delightfully rude, cheerfully sarcastic, completely shameless
and one of the best – and wittiest – writing teams I’ve ever met.

Richard Holman. Executive Creative Director/Owner. Devilfish. 


I love these – a simple, appropriate idea that reaches its audience through
sponsorship credits for The Farm. They bring together movies (five DVD’s
product) and farm animals in a witty resolution that segues with the
programme’s content. It’s fresh, memorable and entertaining,
but doesn’t get in the way of viewing – perfect.

Dick Powell, Chairman of D&AD (On five DVD campaign)  

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